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I like sheep

I like sheep

North Head
New Zealand

North Head

New Zealand

Panorama of downtown Brisbane, QLD on top of a mountain. I seem to be on top of mountains a lot lately.

Panorama of downtown Brisbane, QLD on top of a mountain. I seem to be on top of mountains a lot lately.

Easter Madness

So I think it’s fair to say I had the craziest Easter I’ve had yet this year. It started off the Tuesday before Easter flying to Brisbane. I went from cold, gloomy weather, straight to hot humidity (and still gloomy), and it felt like home again. We hung out with some new friends at 96.5fm, got some views of the city, and ended back up at the radio station to do an interview and song. Next was the hour and fifty minute drive to Toowomba. For the second time this trip, I had to navigate a car by analog map, and might I say I am getting quite good.

For the next few days I was completely bored. The town is very very small, and we were staying about 25 minutes outside of the main ‘downtown’ area. Walked around for a few days here and there, played guitar on the porch, and chilled.

The reason why I was in Toowomba was because we were playing Easterfest, the biggest Christian music festival in Australia. It was Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We did our playing, three shows worth, and the rest of the day I just got to hang out with my friends for the last time and walk around the festival. It was awesome.

But, a few months prior, Toowomba had huge floods and destroyed a ton of stuff. So Saturday night, a few hours before Switchfoot were going to play, some rain started to come down. We thought ‘oh it’ll just be for a second, it’ll pass over soon’ so we wandered on down to the main stage area. It then proceeded to absolutely poor down rain and get me absolutely soaking wet. I was not happy. We ran back up to the tent, and after running around outside some more, we got in the car to go home. 

I ended up at a house where literally, all of my friends were, so we ended up having a flood / last day in Australia party. And it was awesome. Come to find out the last day of Easterfest is completely canceled, and none of us were going to be playing that night / the next day. We were tweeting Jon Foreman to come over to the house and hang with us. He then replied on twitter that he was playing at a pub, so naturally, we all decided to head down. I’m no Switchfoot fan, but it was great to see him and hear him play, it was great. My friend Nic even got on stage to play guitar for one of his songs ha.

The next day we had to sort out that none of our gear / merch got water damage, and luckily we were all good. The festival looked like a quarantine zone though.

Yesterday I flew to New Zealand, alongside Paul Coleman and his bass player Grant Norsworthy. It was cool to get to hang with them in some airports for the day. Funny guys.

Now I’m watching Star Wars, so I’m content. Can’t wait to get home though. Couldn’t come soon enough.

Avalanche @ Easterfest 2011 Toowoomba, QLD


@ Easterfest 2011 
Toowoomba, QLD

Three shot multi-exposure Shot in Melbourne

Three shot multi-exposure
Shot in Melbourne


Opera House Sydney / March 2011

Opera House
Sydney / March 2011